Podcasts offer an easy, entertaining way to learn about genealogy and family history. We have compiled a list of the best 2019-2020 podcasts, including webinars and miniseries. They can be accessed online and have no cost. Please let us know if you have any other recommendations or if you run your own podcast and would like us to add it here.

Genealogy Podcasts - United Kingdom

BBC4 Tracing Your Roots

Frequency: Weekly.
Hosts: Sally Magnusson and Nick Barratt.
Format: Listen to Online or Download.

Tracing Yor Roots is a series exploring the practice of researching family history, one of the UK’s most rapidly growing pastimes.

Who do You Think You Are Podcast

Frequency: Monthly.
Hosts: Who do you Think You Are Team.
Format: Listen to Online or Download.

News, interviews, behind-the-scenes chat and more from the team that produces Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine – Britain’s best-selling family history publication.

Amateur Family History Podcast 

Frequency: Monthly.
Hosts: Andy Holmes.
Format: Listen to Online.

A series of podcasts about the basics of UK family history. Early episodes are a ‘how to’ guide covering the basics. Contributions are welcome for later episodes to cover more advanced techniques and more in-depth genealogical topics.

It’s About Time Podcast

Frequency: 5 Episodes per Season.
Hosts: Narrated by Sir Tony Robinson.
Format: Listen to Online.

Remarkable stories from history Listen to tales from the past, brought to life in the present. Subscribe in the iPhone podcast app via iTunes, or listen on Stitcher or your preferred Android podcast player.

The National Archives Podcasts

Frequency: Different frequencies depending on the program. 
Different hosts frequencies depending on the program.
Format: Listen to Online or Download.

The Media section of the National Archives features a large collection of audios, with several released each week. It also has fascinating mini-series and audio webinars. 

Genealogy Podcasts - USA

Extreme Genes

Frequency: Weekly.
Hosts: Scott Fisher, David Allen Lambert, Tom Perry.

Extreme Genes is a natural for Fisher, a Connecticut native, who has been in radio since his youth, and has spent three decades of spare time as a passionate “roots sleuth.” Fisher is also a national speaker on the subject of family history. This show is heard over 500,000 times a month. 

The Family Tree Podcast

Frequency: Monthly.
Hosts: Lisa Louise Cooke.

Hear about the best genealogy tools and tips directly from Family Tree Magazine‘s editors and experts. Tune in to the Family Tree Podcast for a dose of genealogy education and fun. Lisa Louise Cooke—creator of the popular Genealogy Gems podcast—takes you behind the scenes to learn more about genealogy topics.

Generations Cafe Podcast

Frequency: Monthly.
Hosts: Amy Johnson Crow.

Host Amy Johnson Crow has been involved in family history for most of her life and is a noted researcher, blogger, author, and educator. She firmly believes that it is possible to do good genealogy research and enjoy the process. Each episode will show you more about doing genealogy without the frustration. 

Genealogy Gold Podcast

Frequency: Weekly.
Hosts: Will Moneymaker.

Moneymaker’s bite-sized episodes are perfect for busy researchers, clocking in at around five minutes long with tightly focused topics. You’ll enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the adventure, and the excitement of researching your ancestors. You’ll never know just how much you will love genealogy until you try it.

Genealogy Gems Podcast

Frequency: Monthly.
Hosts: Lisa Louise Cooke.

Cooke’s own Genealogy Gems podcast highlights research techniques that are accessible to genealogists of any skill level. She also scores interviews with famous figures and you get to hear from other listeners, in letters sharing their research joys and frustrations.

The Genealogy Guys

Frequency: Once or twice per month.
Hosts: George G. Morgan and Drew Smith.

George G. Morgan and Drew Smith have been podcasting about genealogy since September 2005, when they launched The Genealogy Guys Podcast.  Each episode includes the latest news from genealogical companies and organizations, listener email, and other content, such as book reviews and brief interviews. George and Drew delve into all kinds of topics that would interest every genealogist, from the beginner to the expert. 

Genealogy Happy Hour

Frequency: Once or twice per month.
Hosts: Amy Crabill Lay and Penny Burke Bonawitz.

In Genealogy Happy Hour, new family historians can learn how to document their family histories and celebrate their new discoveries. Genealogy Happy Hour feels like sitting down with old friends and a bottle of wine to discuss the pitfalls and triumphs of genealogical research.

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