Learn how to use the site Force War Records and search over 23 million exclusive service men’s records only available on this site.

Forces War Records is a leading UK military genealogy specialist website containing over 23 Million Commonwealth military records. The site also provides access to military history experts to help you with your UK military history research.

1. Register and Login

You can start searching the site by clicking here or using any of the banners on this page.

The first thing you will need to do is Register. You can do it by clicking o the button on the top right corner of the screen:

How to register to War Forces Records

The button will take you to a form where you can fill in your details. All the fields are required:

How to register to War Forces Records - Fill in details

Once you fill in your details and click on the green “Create Your Free Account Now” button, you can use the email and password you chose to login:

How to register to War Forces Records - Login

And that’s all you need to do! Now you are in the site and you can start searching for records. 

2. Look for Records

You can use the home fields to start your search (or click on the menu item labelled “Search”). Just write the first name (1), surname (2) of the person you’re looking for, and click on Search Now (3):

How to search for records in War Forces Records

This will (hopefully) show us a few results for our search:

1) The name and surname, which can be clicked to access the full document;

2) The number of results, which can also be interacted with, and the number of results shown per page;

3) More search options, like Service Period, number and unit; 


How to search for records in War Forces Records - Search Results

4) The possibility to filter by advanced fields such as nationality, more military information and awards and honors among others:

How to search for records in War Forces Records - Search Results

4. Tips for Finding Records

A few useful guidelines for getting better search results include:

– If you have a full name, including a middle name, always use it. Some records will only hold the first initial, making things a little harder on a first search.

– Always include, if you know it, the Service in which the person serviced (Army, Royal Navy or Air Force). 

– Use as well the Rank and Regiment, Naval Ship or Squadron

– The service number is a unique identifier, so make sure you try it if you have it. 

– Limit the records to the time period when you think the person served (Pre-WW1, WW1 and After 1920). 

Enlistment and Demonilisation dates can also be useful to get better results. 

3. Buy a Subscription to Read Records

Once you have located the documents you want to explore, you will need to get a subscription to War Forces Records

Their plans include access to over 2 million entries that are not available in other sites, as well as personal assistance, their Orbats mapping tool and related genealogical deals. 

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