New television shows focused on genealogy and DNA are being added to the NBC’s and PBS’ lineup.

The show “A New Leaf“, sponsored by, will appear on NBC on Saturday mornings as part of “The More You Know” program and will follow people as they discover their family history and will dip into all areas of research, including DNA.

Also, Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s sixth season of “Finding Your Roots” on PBS will have two new episodes this fall and eight more in January 2020. Among the people featured will be Melissa McCarthy, Jordan Peele, Isabella Rossellini, Gayle King, Terry Gross and Queen Latifah.

Finally, “The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes” premiered on October 12th on the Oxygen channel and relates to DNA and unsolved homicides. Holes dived into unsolved homicides by analyzing the physical and emotional “DNA” left behind during the violent interaction.

An exciting season for genealogy shows!