Genealogy Research

We can help you research your ancestors by conducting detailed, personalised research in millions of family history records. We can tell you who your predecessors were, where they lived, if they served in wars, and much more.

The records that are most commonly used by genealogists include Census Records, Military Records, Immigration Records (such as ship passenger lists), Naturalization Records and Land Records.

Our in-depth research and analysis alwys includes a detailed report, documents, family charts and a private webpage.

Free Consultation

Begin your journey with a free genealogy consultation. Tell us what you’d like to know about your ancestors and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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DNA Interpretation

Have you recently ordered a DNA kit, received the results and are not sure what they mean? Most DNA services allow you to download a file containing your genetic information in a raw format. This file can be analysed in different ways to unlock an immense amount of data. 

Our resident DNA specialist* can help you understand test results from Ancestry, 23 and Me, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Dante Labs and much more. 

We'll guide you step by step to download and share your raw file with us. You will then get a personalized DNA report with unique ancestry information, including migration maps, admixture (up to 7 different projects depending on your ethnicity), family matches and, if you wish, a health predisposition and risk analysis. 

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* B.Sc. MSc. Hons Anthropology, MSc. Hons Population Genetics

Family Tree Design

Do you already have a family tree, but would like a way to display it? We can design a variety of Family Trees in different styles or create your own personalised one. Check our models below!

Family Tree Templates
Family Tree Templates
Family Tree Templates

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